August Las Vegas

Freeway 10 for East and 15 for North, we can reach Las Vegas after 5 hours of desert driving. Here is a really Magic Kingdom!


I've never seen, no one be there, just desert. Mysterious!


Look! Are we in Disneyland?

Las Vegas Main street;

It was so bright that I was dazzled. But, I was so excited!


Unfortunately, I was not able to get in.

As you may know, I am a very lucky person. So, if I played slots, I would have been super rich.. I bet!

Freemonte Street;

I was amazed to see it.

Suddenly, the sky was flashing.

"Is it a thunderstorm? universal war?"

I asked Jun. And then, Huge birds appear on the ceiling.

I did not understand what was happening until the show ended.

There is no hotels on main street were pets are permitted.

So I stayed at Holiday Inn that was lacated 10 miles away from Main street.

I was so excited that I was not able to sleep that night.

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