October Halloween

Pooh : Jun, What is that? That must be a ghost. Let's go back home, I am afraid...

Jun : Do not be afraid. It is not a ghost. That is called a xxx that is a special display for Halloween.

Pooh : Halloween? What is it?

Jun : Let me explain. In October 31st, Kids go to their neighbors' houses with a pretty costume such as Super-man, whistle..., and say "Trick or Treat!". And then they can be given some candies.

Pooh : Candies? Kids can get candies. I want to do that!

Jun : Sure?

I am Fairy Princess! Am I cute?

Jun : You must be nice! Let's go to the neighbors. Remember to say "Trick or Treat!"

Pooh : Sure. "Trick or Treat" and "give me Candies!"

Jun : No, you don't need to say "Give me Candies."

Pooh : I know. Let's go hurry!

Pooh : Knock, knock. "Trick or Treat!"

Neighbor : Trick or Treat?

Pooh : Wahhhhh...... I never tricked you. Sorry. Bye....


Pooh : Jun, I can not get Candies..... I do not like Halloween.

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