Pooh's Friends

Kevin (Corgi)

I met him at a park. He is so friendly. Do you think he looks slightly like me? I may be a kind of Corgi???

Riki (Golden Retriever)

I have a lot of friends of Retriever in Japan. So I did not feel a new friend when I met him first. He is so smart that he can take care of his younger sister who is human baby.

Hijiki & Mumemo (Shih Tzu)

They also came from Japan. They are so fashionable that they wear nail polish.

I want to try a nail polish.

Trump (Miniature Schnauzer)

He talks a walks with Macho, who is a cat. They are walking very friendly.

Lad (Shetland sheepdog)

He is my best friend. After I moved, I don't see him at all.

Jun, please take me to his house! I miss him!!


Popuri (Shetland sheepdog)

She introduced a Japanese veterinarian to me. So I can go to the vet. without anxiety.

She went back to Japan last month. I miss her.

Pepper (Beagle)

He always plays with his brothers.

Nick is also my good friend. He calls me Pooh and strokes my head.

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