April#1 Santa Monica

Santa Monica

It is a 1 hour drive (on Freeways 405 and 10) to Santa Monica.

Some famous Japanese movie stars are live there. I went there with expectation to see Rie-chan/ Seiko-chan.

Casual, youthful, fashionable...

This is Pier of Santa Monica. I heard a lot of movies were filmed here. 'The Net', '1941', 'Sting', 'Forest Gump'...

I might be scouted. Smile, Smile, Smile!

3rd Street;

I like the promenade, because I can enjoy taking a walk without fearing vehicles.

I met a lot of fellows; Golden Retriever, Beagles, Shetland Sheepdog...


How did he bring a piano? Anyway, nice music!

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