March New House and New Neighbors

Jet lag -

I hardly slept in the airplane, so I'm very sleepy.

I do not recognize whether it is morning or evening.

Anyway, Good night!

New House -

We chose a Town House. There are 4 pools and some tennis courts.

2 Bedrooms are big enough.

Living room is so big, it must be the same as the whole house in Japan. Very satisfied!

There is a gate.

Security guy is there for 24H.

Very Nice!

New Neighbors -

Nice cool weather!

I like to take walks.

Around the town house, there are a lots of flowers, trees and greens. besides it is so safety.

I love this place!


Mailbox -

I've never seen it.

Red bar is a signal we have a letter to send.

We do not need to go to a post office to mail it.

It is convenient!


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