December (San Francisco)


I want to introduce San Francisco, it is my second trip. It is a different taste of town from my town LA.

Golden Gate Bridge

It is a symbol of West coast. It is so gorgeous! Do you think it is a great scenic point for the bridge? We can see the Alcatraz island the was famous for the jail a long time ago.

Lombard Street

There is a very Zigzag road in a residential area. We can enjoy city view, and in Sring and Summer, we seem to enjoy a lot of beautiful flowers as well.


I want to ride.

Cable car

Cable car is one of famous things in San Francisco. I understand that they need Cable car for such steep hills. It looks so difficult for small powered old cars to climb such steep hills. I also do not want to talk a walk around here everyday.

<Jerry Beans>

I found Jerry Beans factory on the North East from San Francisco. We can observe insde, but I was not allowed. Jun told me that more than 40 kinds of color beans are produced.

Hi, Berry. How are you?

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